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I use visual basic modules extensively to automate many spreadsheets and databases to achieve unmatched efficiency and accuracy.  In addition, there are some calculations that cannot be performed by purely using formulas and queries.  For example, a calculation of FIFO (First In First Out) allocation can only be done with multiple looping, so using visual basic module is the only way to achieve the correct result.


I believe that I have saved the companies that I worked with millions of dollars and I made many people’s lives much easier by helping them automate some of their works.




I am not an MVP of Microsoft nor do I have a Microsoft certificate.  All I have is a passion to make things work better and more efficiently.  My greatest reward is to see the quality of work that I produce and the happy faces of some of my co-workers due to the fact that I made their lives less stressful and they don’t have to work extra hours and weekends to get things done.


Microsoft menus, internet, and some of my co-workers are my teachers.  I hope that I can expand my contributions to the society by making the people who visit my website benefited, from helping them solve their work problems to enriching their intellectual challenges.

I believe that one person can make a big difference and I hope that you can be the one too.


Please feel free to download any file for your convenience.  Please also read my disclaimers.


Thank you !



This Website


This website is designed and programmed by myself.  All the contents are also created and written by myself.  I first used Microsoft Office 2007 and later 2010 and 2016 version to edit the contents.  Other versions of Microsoft Office might have different looks and commands.



Wing Ho  

October 2014



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I am based in Houston, Texas.  I have been working in financial, software, and manufacturing industries for more than 20 years.  My majority experience is in the banking industry.


I graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo (for my Bachelor degree) and from University of Texas at Austin (for my MBA degree).  Those are the two wonderful schools that I am forever indebted to.

I do extensively on modeling, analysis, forecasting, planning, and reporting on finance, accounting, and tax areas.  Some of them involve building giant spreadsheets and databases because of the volume of data, the complexity of the payment structures, and the presence of multiple triggers.

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