I will not guarantee that all items in this website will work for your purposes.  There are many things that can affect the applications or visual basic codes, such as your computer settings, IT restrictions, versions of Microsoft versions, etc.  Please consult your IT co-workers if problems arise.

I will not be responsible for any data loss, computer malfunction, virus invasion, or software messed up.  You assume your own risk to use my files.


My files in my computer are scanned for virus infections on a preset schedules.  They should be clean.  However, there is still a remote possibility that my anti-virus software, McAfee, might have missed a virus, or have a time lag on updating its definition, or a hacker might have hacked into the server and implanted virus into my files.  Therefore, you are highly recommended to scan all the files that you download from my website for precautionary reason.

I am a busy person and I take vacations and business trips on an occasional basis.  Please do not consider me as one of your support teams.  It is not realistic to expect me to answer your questions right away.  It may take me several days or weeks if I might even be able to answer your questions.


You get paid for your work.  I don’t.  Please don’t expect me to do your work.

Please be courteous.  I reserve the right not to respond to abusive and obnoxious comments and emails.

Please be understandable.  I don’t get paid from offering this free services and I am not obligated to provide any support to any request.





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