Gain Efficiency by Customizing your Quick Access Tool Bar

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You can save a lot of time by putting some of your frequent use commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.  Don’t underestimate the power of “quick access”.  Little things add up big time.  If you can save one to two seconds by using the icons on the Quick Access Toolbar, you can save hours on a monthly basis if you use such commands many times a day.

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To add an icon on the Quick Access Toolbar, please click the Office logo on the upper left corner.  The click the “Excel Options” button at the bottom of the pop up screen.  Please note that the same procedures can be applied to other applications in Microsoft Office Suites, such as Word, Access, Powerpoint, etc.

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Click the “Customize” choice on the right hand column.  You will see another pop-up screen with two big boxes.  The left one is the choices of all available commands.  The right one is the commands on your Quick Access Toolbar.  Choose the command your want to add to the Quick Access Toolbar from the left box, press “Add > >” button to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.  If you make a mistake of adding the wrong commands to the Quick Access Toolbar, you can click on that command and press “Remove” to remove it from the list from your Quick Access Toolbar.

You may want to organize some of your commands and group them according to the relevance or use frequency.  You can use the up or down triangle buttons to move them up and down.