Use Rules in Microsoft Outlook to organize your emails and alert you for special events

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Using Rules in Microsoft Outlook is an easy and effective way to organize your emails.  There are some people, companies, or events bear specific importance to you.  You may want to keep their emails in certain folders, or alert you once you get those emails.  Microsoft Outlook allows you to do it automatically.

For example, I really like using Redbox because of the low prices and all the promotional gimmicks.  I can create a new folder called “Redbox” below other mailbox (Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, etc.).  I can click the check box of “From Redbox” and select the “Move the item to folder” and select my newly created Redbox folder.  I can even create a specific sound for it when I receive an email from Redbox.

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You can create similar rules for emails that you receive from your clients, friends, relatives, bosses, departments, etc.  A better organized email system is critical for time management and can enhance your career development and job satisfaction.